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IpBox Receveir Team

Dum Sept 04, 2011 11:30 am Scris de Admin-bb

Bine ati venit pe forum farao

Comentarii: 1

curs valutar

INDB git v1 9900HD

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INDB git v1 9900HD

Mesaj Scris de Admin-bb la data de Lun Sept 05, 2011 12:33 pm

Installation is performed by firmware in usb to tuner with 4-iso files
Version compiled for 99 and 9900 models.
I am soory, but 55-models owners will have to wait for the release version abkom under this tuner.

The version built mgcamd-133 and changed basic plugins configuration
System plugins
-AllinonePanel INDB6-009 v.3 switch with the name \ number for the channel
-SkinSelector - modified to work with skins. installed on the hard disk
-VFD-Icons - modified to display information when you change the channel on display without delay
-EventNavigator - keyboard shortcuts in the channel menu (activated from blupaneli)

Advanced Plugins
-2IB - Secondary infobara with information output by etsm
-CoolTVGuide - alternative EPG
-DivXPlayer - for playing AVI video
-GraphMultiEPG - modified EPG
-MediaCenter - New version of the center, adapted to the 99 series (audio and video. Internet TV, vebsteyshin, weather)
-MyTube - online video player
-OSDAdjustment - for a more accurate alignment of images on your TV
-PermanentClock - watch on-screen TV in the digital or analog modes to choose from
-PlugLoad - allows you to display the new plug-ins without restarting the GUI or tuner
-Quickbutton - allows you to assign additional functions to the long press colored buttons on the remote
-Seekbar - Fast on the label (click on the remote left and right). It works only on indexed files
-Softcam - new emumanager with the ability to download and install the emulator via the Internet
(Note-when you install the emulators tested the validity of MD5 checksums to avoid making "broken files" contain the basic setup and configuration files.)
- Other basic modules.

Changes in the basic version
-Changed the startup scripts and scripts mount devices
Emu manager of abkoma (not set! Again) has been replaced by light-emu panel
Catalogue-Exstention moved to / usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins
Changed plug-network settings
-Changed the skin selector at the ability to install skins on your hard drive
-Changed the renderings and converters for installation on the hard disk Picone
-Changed the locale for a more complete translation
-Changed the basic SD and HD Skins (Beware! Skins. INDB not intended for will not work)
-Changed some versions of the libraries for more stable operation neabkomovskih emulators
-Changed scripts create symbolic links to directories in the folder var
-Changed InfoBarGeneric, keymap and some other files for working with and blupanelyu aspektratio
In-kernel added multibuta to download other versions yusb

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imaginile de Nocturno Jirka, bazat pe imaginea de mai sus [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]

Mesaje : 208
Data de inscriere : 02/09/2011


Sus In jos

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