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IpBox Receveir Team

Dum Sept 04, 2011 11:30 am Scris de Admin-bb

Bine ati venit pe forum farao

Comentarii: 1

curs valutar

PKT svn 633 based Tideglo 1.3.0 -91Hd

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PKT svn 633 based Tideglo 1.3.0 -91Hd

Mesaj Scris de Admin-bb la data de Mier Oct 19, 2011 9:14 am

Cuberevo IPBOX PKT mod svn 633
Mod svn 633 PTS is based on version 1.3.0 Tideglo

This is the version which was created two months ago as a test.
In the unanimous opinion of testers is very stable and successful.
Work on stalled GIT version - this is our proposal for now.
Tideglo suspended work on the image so future versions of Cuberevo
will be based on GIT.

1.3.0 Known deficiencies:
- The problem of handling cam and TNK Polsat HD

Changelog 1.3.0 Tideglo

- Fixed first boot wizard resolution over different ports (now is always selected the bridge common resolution for every port)
- Fixed another compatibility issue for Cuberevo-250HD, Cuberevo-100HD and Cuberevo-mini2
- Fixed a memory leak bug using bad bootargs
- Fixed a bug for sCAIDs service information
- Fixed clearing of icons on the standby
- Remote controller changed images to the new ones
- Added loading at boot of sci.ko default modules inside a letter
- It also added sci.ko Cuberevo-100

changelog POINT

- The default location for database crossEPG set to / media / hdd
- Patch revision detection (E2 version) in the Infocenter and PTS info
- Fix reboot - removed PIG (PictureInGraphics) with the skins, which occurred on certain channels such as Eska TV
- Fix NES (NeverEndingSpinner - Enigma crash) when you go Radio
- Fix DVB-C
- Fix VidBrowser - matching location bookmark.xml
- Virtual Keyboard - UK Layout added in place of the German
- Update Picon
- Amendments skins
- Refreshed skin PKT_F1-HD - added icons EMU in infobar + other fixes
- Added automatic search Picon in / media / hdd / Picon, where the lack of Picon in the default directory
- Optimization of the code and improve the speed

High speed of operation
Proper handling DTS
Improved DVD player

Known bugs:
YouTube does not work
Does not work on ShoutCast search
Polsat HD after the test sometimes hangs overnight.



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Data de inscriere : 02/09/2011


Sus In jos

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